Hello my name is Wendy, thank you for taking time to have a look at my website. I have been a spiritual medium for 12yrs, I was first aware of spirit from around the age of 8yrs, when on many occassions while visiting my nans I would be aware of shapes and figures of what i know as spirit now within the flames of the open fire. As I grew older the visions of seeing shapes and people grew stronger and became more vivid. I would see people who had passed over to the spirit world.

Through my own life experiences losing loved ones I enrolled on a diploma course for Holistic Therapies part of my diploma course was Reiki Healing, through healing my spiritual senses was heightened and began to sense and feel spirit in a different way.

I began to go a local church to join in the open circle each week and bring through communication from the spirit world, I continued to work in the open circles gaining experience, guidence, confidence from those in the spirit world who have been my teachers and my unseen family. Throughout my work as a medium and healer I have met many different people with different needs, all looking for guidence, direction and support in there lives.

My work as a medium leaves me feeling humble many times as the spirit world will always provide what we need, not what we seem to want. I know through many countless readings and through my own experiences the world of spirit are always there for us to provide support, love, guidence and proof of evidnce that life does continue when the physical ceases to exist.

In 2003 i gained my Diploma in Holistic therapy Gained level 3 in Reiki, I also belong to the FOH ( federation of healers) and in 2009 qualified as a Meditation ( CMA recognised) I thankyou for taking the time to have a look at the website and hope to see you soon 

Please note all artwork is copyrighted and supplied by Lunarian Art  which was born out of a dream to create faerie art, over the last few years Octavia has worked hard to make that dream come true. With an amazing eye for color and dazzling detailed beauty she paints beautiful art for a wide variety of beautiful gifts for the you. 

Handmade Jewelry created by Octavia  http://www.lunarianart.com/about/index.html


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